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About the Programme

The conference programme is roughly equally divided between panels presenting research results and round table discussions and workshops aimed at identifying issues and generating ideas and recommendations, as well as imparting practical tools for increasing policy research capacity and effective research. We aim to target the three areas, building skills and networks for policy making, sharing of research and policy making efforts, and network needs throughout the conference. We will learn in particular from the strengths of Indigenous organizations that have successfully integrated research to policy, such as the Gwich’in Nation, the Tłįchǫ Nation, and the Native Counseling Services of Alberta. Each of these organizations has funded research to develop policies that promote Indigenous values and cultures.

This conference is specifically designed to depart from the traditional academic conference format of a series of presentations delivered to an audience as the basis for dialogue. Instead the program attempts to engage all those in attendance in one of the overarching goals of creating a network as a basis for ongoing fostering of resident policy research capacity and strengthening university-community ties and mutual understanding. The discussion round tables will consist of facilitated small group sessions, where participants will be asked to discuss a series of questions toward developing recommendations for governments and funders toward fostering northern governance policy research capacity. This approach recognizes and values the participation of all attendees, increasing the likelihood of meaningful networking and knowledge transfer opportunities. It will also create a sense of shared purpose and connection among all participants. It is expected that this spirit will carry over to the research methods seminar, resulting in an atmosphere of openness and knowledge sharing among participants.