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Northern Governance Policy Research Conference

November 3–5, 2009
Explorer Hotel, Yellowknife, NT

Download Final Programme Here.

All events in Katimavik A unless otherwise noted.

Conference Facilitator: Bob Overvold

November 2

9:00 AM Travel Day
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM Conference Registration & Social @ Explorer Hotel

  • Register in Foyer and then meet up at the hotel lounge!
7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Northern Movie Night
Hosted by Yellowknife filmmaker F. Benoit:

  • One River, Two Shores
    F. Benoit
  • Tingmiak: Inuvik Student Film Project
    S. Robinson, R. Nakimayak, S. Steen, and Kendra
  • Through These Eyes
    C. Laird

(Refreshments will be served)

November 3

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:00 AM Registration @ Foyer
9:00 AM Welcome Address

  • B. Overvold, Conference Facilitator
  • Sahtu Elder – Prayer (TBC)
  • S. Irlbacher-Fox, Conference Chair
  • Chief Ted Tsetta, Yellowknives Dene (Weledeh)
  • Dettah Drummers
9:30 AM Pre-Conference Paper Presentation

  • Lead: S. Fox and V. Gibson
  • Small group discussions
10:30 AM Break
10:50 AM Research for New Governing Arrangements (Concurrent)
Discussant: Kiera Ladner, University of Winnipeg

  • Inuvialuit Self Government
    V. Teddy, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation, Tuktoyaktuk (slides)
  • Délįnę Self Government
    D. Gaudet, Délįnę Land Corporation and Délįnę First Nation
  • Nunavik (Northern Quebec) Public Governance Project
    J-F. Arteau & D. Savoie, Makivik Corporation (slides)
  • Service Delivery in Post-Self Government Environment
    G. Sparling, GNWT (slides)
10:50 AM Sahtu Elders Knowledge Workshop (Concurrent) @ Janvier Room
Convenor: N. Yakelaya, Sahtu and Joe Handley (closed until further notice)

  • Leon Modeste (Délįnę)
  • Alfred Taniton (Délįnę)
  • JB Gully (Colville Lake)
  • Margaret McDonald (Norman Wells)
  • Thomas Manuel (Fort Good Hope)
  • Julie Lennie (Tulita)
  • Morris Mendo (Tulita)
12:15 PM Lunch

  • Speaker: Honourable Floyd Roland, Premier of the NWT
1:00 PM Research and Wellness
Discussant: Cynthia Chambers, University of Lethbridge

  • Language for Wellness
    F. Tatti, Yellowknife/Délįnę
  • H-Pylori Research and the Aklavik Health Committee
    B. Archie, Aklavik (slides)
  • Youth Driven Participatory Research in Aklavik, NT
    D. Kurszewski, ICHR-Inuvik (slides)
  • Healing Wind and CART: Community Action Research Team
    C. Zoe-Martin and the CART Team (Anita Daniels, Jennifer Naedzo, Leone Lafferty and Cody Mantla) (slides)
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Round Table Discussion: Issues in Community Based Research @ Kat A
Facilitator: Bob Overlord

  • Small group discussions
3:30 PM Research, Story and Knowledge Development (Concurrent) @ Kat B

  • Trondek Hwech’in Danoja Zho Cultural Resource Centre: A Canadian First Nation Statement of Cultural Presence
    D. Neufeld and G. McLeod, Trondek Hwech’in, Yukon (slides)
  • Whose Story and How Will it be Told?
    H. Balanoff and C. Chambers, NWT Literacy Council and University of Lethbridge
  • Take it from the top: Northern Research for Northerners, and Southerners, Too
    S. Robinson, R. Nakimayak, K. Tingmiak, S. Steen, Inuvik
  • Securing Our Place in Northern Society: Women, Global Industry, and the Power of Stories
    L. Little, Yellowknife (slides)
4:30 PM Administrative Announcements
6:00 PM Conference Banquet
(Business Attire/National Dress) @ Explorer Hotel

  • Keynote: John B. Zoe, LLD
  • Location: Explorer Hotel

November 4

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Administrative Announcements

  • 2nd Day Welcome
9:00 AM Roundtable Discussions
Facilitators: S. Ward and J. Christensen-Kereliuk

  • Prioritizing Conference Recommendations
  • Small Group discussion
9:45 AM Emerging Northern Scholars
Discussant: Glen Coulthard, University of British Columbia

  • Inuit Governance
    Jackie Price (Inuit/Iqaluit), Cambridge University
  • Listening to Our Youth Listening to Our Elders: Can Participatory Video Research Create Space for Youth Participation in a Sustainable Future?
    Erin Freeland Ballantyne (YK), Oxford University
  • No Justice on Stolen Land: Innu Resistance to Extinguishment of their Land Rights
    Elizabeth Cassell, Essex University (slides)
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sahtu Elders Knowledge Workshop (Concurrent) @ Janvier Room
Convenor: N. Yakelaya, Sahtu and Joe Handley (closed until notice given)

  • Leon Modeste (Délįnę)
  • Alfred Taniton (Délįnę)
  • JB Gully (Colville Lake)
  • Margaret McDonald (Norman Wells)
  • Thomas Manuel (Fort Good Hope)
  • Julie Lennie (Tulita)
  • Morris Mendo (Tulita)
10:45 AM Break
11:00 AM Research for Implementing New Governance Arrangements
Discussant: G. Slowey, York University

  • Research Needs in an Indigenous Government
    J.B. Zoe, Tłįchǫ Government
  • The Dehcho Process and Métis
    A. Lafferty, Dehcho First Nations, Ft. Providence
  • Yukon Self Government Arrangements
    G. Gardiner, Carcross-Tagish First Nation, YT (slides)
  • Implementing a Land Claim Through Heritage and Cultural Research
    I. Kritsch and A. Andre, Gwich’in Social and Cultural Institute (slides)
12:15 PM Lunch

  • Decolonizing Indigenous Education and Research
    Speaker: Dr. Larry Emerson (Dine), Arizona, USA (slides)
1:15 PM Challenges and Success: Research in Northern and Indigenous Communities for University Faculty
Discussant: John B. Zoe, Tłįchǫ Government

  • G. White, Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto
  • C. Samson, Director of Human Rights Program, Essex University, England
  • K. Ladner, Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Governance, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
  • G. Coulthard, Assistant Professor of First Nations Studies, University of British Columbia
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM Translating Research Into Decision Options: Theory and Reality
Discussant: J. Christensen-Kereliuk, McGill University

  • Conditions to ensure the policy relevance of research
    D. Brock, GNWT
  • Climate change, sustainability, and urbanization in Nunavut: Lessons for policy makers
    J. Sabin, University of Toronto
  • We Need Good Energy: Working together to use our resources in a good way
    M. Heron and L. Ruttan, Fort Smith (slides)
  • Speaking plainly about research, governance and policy for sustainable living
    D. Malcolm, Yellowknife
3:45 PM Environmental and Economic Research
Discussant: Graham White, University of Toronto

  • Community Based Policy and Guidelines: Research for Monitoring Wildlife and Habitat
    A. Legat, Wek’èezhìi Renewable Resource Board
  • Tłįchǫ Values and Policy
    V. Gibson, TCSA
  • Resource Management and Social Change in Délįnę
    K. Caine and W. Bayha, Délįnę Land Corporation (slides)
  • What Tuullik has to tell us: Tracking the Yellow-billed Loon from the North American Arctic to its winterlands, and monitoring the poisons it finds at both latitudes
    J. Fair, Alaska (slides)
4:45 PM Administrative Announcements

November 5

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:30 AM Overview
Facilitators: S. Ward and J. Christensen-Kereliuk

  • Conference Recommendations
9:00 AM Oil and Gas Development (Concurrent) @ Kat B
Convenor: G. Slowey (York University)
Sponsor: SSHRC/IPY GAPS Project

  • The IPY GAPS Project
    G. Slowey, York University, and J. Simpson, Whatì (slides)
  • Homelessness and Governance
    J. Christensen-Kereliuk, McGill University (slides)
  • Health Care and Addictions in the Beaufort Delta
    A. Kronstal, University of Victoria (slides)
  • Lessons from the Oil Sands CEMA Roundtable Process
    A. Martin, Fort McMurray
9:00 AM Mining Policy for Indigenous Governments (Concurrent) @ Salon B (max. 24 participants)
Convenor: V. Gibson, University of British Columbia

  • Larry Innes, Executive Director, Canadian Boreal Initiative (slides)
  • Stephen Ellis, Lands and Environment, Łutsel K’e Dene First Nation
  • Danny Gaudet, Délįnę Land Corporation
  • Anne Marie Sam, Nak’azdli Band Council
9:00 AM Working-Level Intergovernmental Relations (Concurrent) @ Kat C
Convenor: J. Lawrance, INAC

  • B. Simpson, Intergovernmental Relations, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation
  • B. Rabesca-Zoe, Implementation, Tłįchǫ Government
  • T. Williams, Human Resources, GNWT
  • K. Thompson, NWT Treaty Implementation, INAC, Ottawa
  • Other Participants TBC
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Sahtu Elders Knowledge Workshop (Concurrent) @ Cumberland (max. 12 participants)
Convenor: N. Yakelaya, Sahtu and Joe Handley

  • Leon Modeste (Délįnę)
  • Alfred Taniton (Délįnę)
  • JB Gully (Colville Lake)
  • Margaret McDonald (Norman Wells)
  • Thomas Manuel (Fort Good Hope)
  • Julie Lennie (Tulita)
  • Morris Mendo (Tulita)
9:00 AM Learning About Changes: Stories, Governance and the Délįnę Knowledge Project (Concurrent) @ Northern Frontier Visitors Centre (Across from Explorer) (max. 20 participants)
Convenor: D. Simmons, University of Manitoba
Sponsor: SSHRC/Délįnę Knowledge Project

  • Edith Mackienzo (Sahtu)
  • Walter Bayha (Sahtu)
  • Ruthann Gal (Fort Smith)
  • Ken Caine (Edmonton)
  • Jane Modeste (Sahtu)
  • Dawn Ostrem (Yellowknife)
12:00 PM Lunch @ Kat B & C


  • Professor Peter Russell, University of Toronto
  • James Wah-Shee
1:00 PM Drafting Effective Policy Instruments: a GNWT Perspective (Concurrent) @ Salon B (max. 24 participants)
Convenor: A. Cash

  • Alan Cash, GNWT (slides)
  • Graham White, University of Toronto (slides)
1:00 PM Research Agenda – Building Best Practices in a Regulatory Environment (Concurrent) @ Kat B
Convenor: B. Simpson (IRC)

  • Vern Christensen, Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board (slides)
  • Bob Simpson, Gwich’in Land Use Planning Board (slides)
  • Kathleen Racher, Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board (slides)
1:00 PM Research the Indigenous Way (Concurrent) @ Kat C
Convenor: W. Bayha (Sahtu)

  • Jane Modeste (Sahtu)
  • Debra McGregor (Anishnaabe)
  • Barney Masazumi (Inuvialuit)
  • Florence Catholique (Akaitcho)
  • Madelaine Chocolate (Tłįchǫ)
  • Alice Martin (Mikisew Cree)
  • Alistine Andre (Gwich’in)
  • Bea Lepine (South Slave)
  • Robert Charlie (Gwich’in)
  • Jonas Antoine (Dehcho)
1:00 PM Northern Youth Researchers – Strategies and Inspiration (Concurrent) @ Cumberland (max. 12 participants)
Convenor: J. Dunn, University of Ottawa
1:00 PM Lessons from the Past: Community Governance and Abandoned Mines (Concurrent)@ Northern Frontier Visitors Centre (Across from Explorer) (max. 20 participants)
Convenor: J. Laite

  • Edith Mackienzo (Sahtu)
  • Orlena Modeste (Sahtu)
  • Danny Gaudet (Sahtu)
  • Deborah Simmons (Yellowknife)
3:30 PM Conference Closing / Administrative Announcements